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About your pedorthists


Madeline Ingrouville

BHKin, C. Ped (C)


As an avid hiker, I became aware of — and fascinated by — the power of proper foot and lower limb mechanics. After completing a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology at Queen’s University, I continued to explore the world of human kinetics through Western University’s Pedorthic program. 


Now as a Canadian Certified Pedorthist, I am a specialist in human kinetics and foot function, trained to assess lower limb anatomy and biomechanics in order to help alleviate your pain and foot abnormalities, getting you back to an active healthy lifestyle!

After working within the health care community in Cambridge, Ontario, I continued my training and worked as a pedorthist throughout lower mainland B.C. with the Kintec Footwear & Orthotics team.

As the proud new owner and operator of Common Sense Orthotics, I'm excited to carry on the legacy of former owner, Bill Goers. I admire and respect the community Bill has created over the past 29 years, and I am honoured to follow in his footsteps.

I look forward to answering any questions you may have about orthotics, and providing you with all your pedorthic needs. I am here for you, step by step!

Madeline and former owner, Bill Goers

Jeremy Hyde
BKin, C. Ped Tech, C. Ped (C)

Through my degree in Kinesiology at the University of the Fraser Valley, I became inspired to find a career to help support my youngest brother’s mobility, born with spinabifida meningomyocele, affecting his lower limbs. Upon graduation I had the opportunity to become an apprentice to a pedorthist at BioPed in Surrey, B.C. This is where my journey into pedorthics began.


I quickly became fascinated by the fabrication process of designing and creating custom foot orthotics. This led me to become a Certified Pedorthic Technician as I continued to study further and become a Canadian Certified Pedorthist in 2018.


I have enjoyed supporting my patients with their mobility needs, providing care with custom foot orthotics and custom lower limb bracing, fitting compression stockings, sharing footwear education and shoe modifications, while providing detailed biomechanical assessments and individualized treatment plans.


Over the years my passion for pedorthic care has grown through the patients I meet, becoming an integral part of their journey towards improved mobility. Getting to help people in the community feel more ease and comfort in their daily life is why I love my job. As a new comer to the Island, I am excited to get to know the people of Victoria and share my knowledge with you to make movement more enjoyable!

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