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Our custom foot orthotics are designed from raw materials, custom to your symptoms, foot posture, and lifestyle. Orthotics are inserts designed to be placed inside your footwear to improve shock absorption, pressure distribution, and improve mechanics to alleviate strained tissue, helping you get back to your active life. As every foot is different, we offer various foot casting and fabrication methods to ensure the ideal fit for your new custom foot orthotics.

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Whether you have an acute injury or chronic discomfort, we are here to help you recover. We carry a wide selection of ankle and knee braces, as well as toe spacers and splints to assist with bunion and lesser toe discomforts. We are also always open to sharing simple, at-home routines to help give you the relief you need. 



We have a variety of compression stockings to suit your symptoms — and your personal style. Based on your doctor’s recommendation, we are happy to address your compression needs, whether it is preventative care or a more severe case. 


Measurements will be taken to ensure we get the right fit. All first time compression patients will receive complementary donning gloves, to improve the lifespan of their products and ensure ease of donning.


Many people are unsure of the ideal shoes for their activities, symptoms, and foot posture. We're here to help! Following an in-depth biomechanical assessment, we will take the time to explain footwear features and functions that can reduce your symptoms and make activity fun again! We don’t sell shoes in the clinic, but we are happy to recommend some local shoe stores that will get you walking in the right direction. 


As pedorthists we are well versed in the various modifications that can be done to improve the fit and function of your off-the-shelf shoes — from lifts, rocker soles, stretching, and more!


The following is an overview of the types of appointments we offer and what is involved. Please feel free to call us with any questions.  250-595-3616


(60 minutes)

A full biomechanical assessment involves a discussion of injury history and symptoms, static posture analysis, gait / walking analysis, testing foot and ankle range of motion, and functional tests.

We will review your fully personalized treatment plan which may include custom foot orthotics, footwear features, bracing, prevention tips, and/or referral to other local practitioners in the medical community.

All patients are given a free one-year custom orthotic adjustment period, as well as free re-assessments for life.
Call 250-595-3616 to inquire further.


(30 minutes)

Medical-grade compression stockings are prescribed by a medical doctor to assist in lower limb venous return to reduce swelling, cramping, or fatigued lower limbs. These appointments are ideally early in the day to get best measurements before swelling. After the initial measurement, no future appointments are required for new compression socks unless leg size has changed.

There is no charge for this type of appointment.

(30 minutes)

We are currently offering off-the-shelf braces for the ankle and knee, as well as for the back, elbow and wrist. We will discuss symptoms and take measurements to determine the ideal brace to aid in pain relief and recovery. 

There is no charge for this type of appointment.


Any adjustments required within the first year of purchasing custom foot orthotics are free. Outside of this time frame, adjustment appointments are $40. If a full orthotic refurbishment is required, the cost is dependent on orthotic complexity, and ranges from $40 to $95.


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